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St. Anthony Family Center

People from many different walks of life come to the St. Anthony Family Center. Some are grandparents raising grandchildren, some are single moms or dads, some are elderly with no children to help them, some are homeless, some are young families and dad has lost his job. Most just cannot afford to feed themselves or families on their incomes. The government has cut food stamps many by as much as 60%. They may be working, but this devastates their income and they come seeking help. Many are embarrassed and do not want to ask for help. Many have never had to ask for help before and you can tell by the lack of eye contact and the anxiety and fear in their eyes wondering if we may not be able to help them. At the Family Center we give people hope and spiritual guidance. We offer prayer to everyone who enters our office and 99% of the time they want it! Some families have made comments that our Family Center has the kindest and most caring people they have met. We are hopeful that this reflects our Catholic faith. Without the compassion , prayers and gifts of the people in our parish we would not have this opportunity to spread “Jesus” to others. Thank you and God Bless you for all you have done this year to support St. Anthony Family Center.

Shelly Taylor | Director St. Anthony Family Center

Family Center Happenings & Blessings

Family Center Blessings and Happenings January 27, 2019 Only a few people gathered for a delicious hot lunch yesterday at the Family Center because of the frigid temperatures and because of the predicted bad weather that was approaching. As Fred Yaniga led us in prayer before our meal I felt the need to observe our friends reactions to this. Most of them bowed their heads or perhaps closed their eyes. Some watched Fred as he was in prayer with a curious expression on their face. But, the one thing that stood out to me was when Fred said our Catholic prayer before meals blessing (Bless us our Lord and these thy gifts, etc...) that several people said the prayer and made the sign of the cross along with us at the end!  I know for a fact that these "friends" have not done this in the past. We have never asked them to. I have noticed that in my prayer with them also that they are following along with me as I make the sign of the cross. They are so happy to feel like they belong to our family here at the Family Center.  Our neighbors at Kings Kupboard food pantry at Trinity Lutheran Church are much the same comparison. Though we may choose to worship differently, we are all a part of God’s family. We share our abundance of food at times with Kings Kupboard as they do with us. In the beginning, I felt they were a little skeptical of us as Catholics. But, they see now, that we are all united in one God, our Father.  They are our friends in Christ our Lord.  We are all loved by the same Heavenly Father !!!
MARCH 31, 2019
Family Center Blessings and Happenings 3-31-2019
After feeding nearly 100 people in our social hall upstairs at St Anthony’s sponsored community supper and an overflowing crowd of “friends” at our Tuesday lunch I contemplated Jesus feeding those thousands of people as He did on the mountain that day. We never can anticipate how many people will show up and we are usually unsure about amounts of food to prepare. So many hungry not only for food but for our Jesus. I am so proud to be a part of a ministry that serves all Gods people- the rich, poor, Christian, non-Christian, people with addictions, the young, the old , the sick, criminals, those with disabilities both physical and mental - - everyone!! We served grilled cheese and tomato soup both days with Ed’s famous fish soup on Friday. Everyone was well fed without a morsel left both days. Perfect planning? No —perfect God!!
Foodbank Challenge continues— pick up a yellow slip of paper at both entrances of church to donate. Don’t forget to specify the donation be given to the St Anthony Family Center!! Thanks!!! Questions— 517 -437-3305.
April 14, 2019
Family Center Blessings and Happenings 4-14-19
Since Lent is in full gear and Holy Week upon us how many of us have felt the evil one’s presence in our lives stronger than ever-tempting us maybe in small ways or maybe large. For example, last night I was terribly grouchy. It had been a rather stressful day and at 9:30 I decided I was not accomplishing anything but negativity in my house and towards my family, so I thought I would get some rest and go to bed and maybe in the morning I would feel better. The minute my head hit the pillow my phone rang and I saw it was my daughter in Oregon. I thought she probably just wanted to talk since it was only 6:30 pm there. I thought “will it ever end today? I pushed the accept button and since it was a FaceTime call I immediately saw her distressed face and heard her weeping. She explained to me thru her sobs that her beloved dog had been badly wounded. She showed me the huge gash in the dog’s side and was waiting for a friend to help her get the dog to the vet. A few moments later a text came from my other daughter who explained her worry about her baby whose fever was 103 degrees. After those calls did I get any sleep? First thing in the morning (7:30) another text came from the sick baby’s mom that her car was just rear-ended bringing the baby to my house to babysit since he was sick and she had to go to work. It made me wonder what the rest of the day would bring. The Family Center has been extremely busy lately also with many, many needy people who are feeling lost. But the good news is three people last week asked me about getting back to church! And the dog is going to be ok and the baby’s temperature has dropped. But, unfortunately, I am still grouchy. Easter is almost here, so alleluia for that!
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