ParishSoft Giving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some helpful information about ParishSoft Online Giving below:

Do I have to use ParishSoft Giving?
No one is required to use ParishSoft Giving—you are still welcome to write checks and use donation envelopes. However, we are asking those who currently give by PayPal or EFT to switch over to ParishSoft Giving, and any NEW electronic giving must now go through this site, not through PayPal or the EFT. If you are giving through PayPal now, YOU must shut off your recurring giving. If you are giving through EFT, the parish office will stop your EFT as soon as you set up a ParishSoft Giving account.


Is ParishSoft Giving Safe?
ParishSoft Giving meets the highest banking-level security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure safe and confidential transactions. In fact, your banking information is encrypted in the system and is not accessible to any users or administrators of the ParishSoft Giving system. When you manage your own account information, St. Anthony’s never needs to handle checks or worry about locking up documents containing your account information. And you’ll always be certain that your gifts are direct-deposited into St. Anthony’s bank account.


What are the advantages of ParishSoft Giving?
See below for a list of the benefits to you and to the parish!


How do I sign up for ParishSoft Giving?
Click on our ParishSoft Giving link then click on “Sign in.”  Near the bottom of the page, click where it says “Don’t have a giving account? Create One” and follow the prompts.  After the creation of your account, you can subsequently sign in using your e-mail address (or phone number) and the password you created. Learn more about the ParishSoft Giving site here.


How do I use the Text to Give feature of ParishSoft Giving?
The first time you use Text to Give (literally text “Give” to 517-200-9082), you’ll be asked to register for an account. After you register, you’ll be able to enter a donation amount, select which fund you want the donation to go to (such as Sunday Offering, Maintenance, Family Center, or Grotto), and then enter your payment information. Don’t forget to save our giving number in your phone! You can always text EDIT to update your information, set up a recurring gift, or check the status of a gift.


Why can’t my log-in information be the same for ParishSoft’s MyOwnChurch and ParishSoft Giving? 
That is a good question! Both systems are provided by ParishSoft, but financial data (like your banking or credit card numbers) can’t be shared between the two platforms based on federal law. Thus, you will need to use MyOwnChurch to update your contact and family information and view our online directory, but ParishSoft Giving to edit or make changes to your donation options. (For more details on MyOwnChurch, see here and here.) However, once your gifts clear your bank/credit card company and are deposited in St. Anthony’s bank account, your giving history from ParishSoft Giving *will* transfer over to MyOwnChurch, where you can see a complete giving history of electronic and other gifts since 2017.


Can I put different amounts in different funds and have all of them withdrawn at different times?
Yes, you can set up contributions to different funds by clicking on the “Add another gift” link on the giving form. You can create recurring donations that can be of different amounts, going to different funds, and withdrawn on different dates.  There is great flexibility in our giving options now!  The only “limitation” is that you can only process five distinct transactions in a 24 hour period before it puts a 24 hour hold on your account as a protective measure.


When will my contribution be deducted from my account?
Your text to give or credit card contribution will be debited immediately unless it is a recurring payment wherein the contribution will be debited on the date you specified.  ACH withdrawals from your checking account will be initiated within the first 24 hours of your donation through ParishSoft Giving, but may take a few days to fully process and appear in your bank account.


Without a canceled check or credit card receipt, how can I prove I made my contribution?
Your bank and/or credit card statement and the ParishSoft Giving system provide reports that document your electronic transactions. Your credit card transaction could read something like “GIV*ST.ANTH OF 111-1111111” or your bank statement could look like “ACH Withdrawal ST. ANTHONY OF…1111 parishioners name.”


What if I change bank accounts or credit cards?
Log into ParishSoft Giving.  There is a colored circle with your initials in the top right that you click (or a three-line menu icon in the top left on Mobile).  Select “My Account” and then “Payment Methods” on the lefthand side. Click on this.  Each checking/savings/credit card you have entered into ParishSoft Giving can be changed using the pencil button or deleted completely by clicking on the trash can, or new accounts can be added.


What if I try ParishSoft Giving and don’t like it?
You are welcome to give via check instead.  To modify or cancel a recurring gift, you will simply need to log into ParishSoft Giving and cancel your donation.  


How much does ParishSoft Giving cost?
Like any online giving platform, there are small fees associated with processing your gift and keeping your financial information safe.  St. Anthony’s does provide the option of adding this fee to your donation amount, but we are also happy to cover the fee in gratitude for your support.  If you check the “Cover the processing fee” box, your total donation amount will increase automatically to cover the fee.  If not, the church will cover the fee.

Again, covering this processing fee is optional (and also tax deductible).  It is the “bill” we as a parish are paying for ParishSoft to protect your giving information, streamline our gift entry process, and provide us so many more giving options than we’ve had in the past–and it covers the credit card fees “merchants” must pay, just like we had to pay previously with PayPal.  It continues to be less costly to give directly from your checking account (1% fee) than by credit card (2.5% fee).