The Sacrament of Reconciliation (the Sacrament of Penance or Confession) is an invitation for Catholics to experience the love and mercy of God the Father through the ministry of priests. Catholics can experience healing through forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God and His Church.

Catholics are always welcomed back to receive this sacrament – whether it has been two weeks or two decades since the last Confession. Often those who have gone to Confession relay experiencing peace and joy and feeling the weight come off their shoulders as they receive forgiveness for their sins. If you have not gone to Confession in a while, we want to welcome you back and take part in this beautiful sacrament of healing.

If you wish to receive the Sacrament of Confession at St. Anthony's,

view confession times here. To schedule an appointment for confession, call the parish office at 517-437-3305.

For information on enrolling your child in one of our religious education programs to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the confessional located at St. Anthony's?

If you come in through the main entrance, the confessional is located directly to the left across from the stairs to the choir loft. The line to the confessional starts on the pew against the back wall of the vestibule (just a few steps from the confessional!).

Why do I need to confess to a priest?

Put simply, it’s God’s plan. The priest is the minister of the sacrament acting in the person of Christ. In fact, the confession of sins to a priest is the only ordinary way to have mortal sins forgiven after Baptism. Also, God knows how we can rationalize our sins away and sweep them under the rug. And so He wants us to tell our sins and to acknowledge them in a personal encounter. Know that we fall into the loving arms of our heavenly Father when we go to a priest and confess.

Won't I shock the priest with what I say?

Remember that priests have heard thousands of confessions over the years, and there are really no new sins. It’s a great privilege for priests to hear confessions and be instruments of the Father’s mercy.

Will the priest think badly of me afterwards?

No, quite the opposite. He’ll be inspired by your humility and courage, and likely won’t remember your sins anyway. And remember, priests have to go to Confession, too. Even the Pope has to confess his sins to another priest.

Can a priest repeat something he heard in confession?

Under no circumstances. If a priest did tell any person–even the police–something he heard in the confessional, he would be excommunicated.

I've done some awful things. Will God forgive me?

“Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more” (Rom. 5:20). God’s mercy is greater than all our sins. Assuming you are truly sorry for what you’ve done and willing to make necessary changes, the answer is YES. God longs for you to return to his merciful Heart.

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